Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Just one of those sleepovers..

Don't deny it, you've all experienced at least one sleepover where you just can't sleep.Well, unfortunately for me,that sleepover hit me like a ton of bricks last night.It was all going so well,we did the usual girly stuff, as a group of girls do,eating,laughing.Just generally having a brilliant time,until of course,we decided to call it a night.The three of us jumped into holly's double bed (yes, i am aware of how unbelievably wrong that comes across) and chatted for a while, until we decided to get tired.You can probably imagine how squishy it was having 3 grown teens crammed into a pull out sofa, that barely manages to be labelled a 'double bed'.
  So anyway,me being as unlucky as I am,got landed with the middle space of the bed,which to be fair,is probably the worst place I could have gotten.We all began to drift off after a utterly hilarious night,only then did I realise I was falling into a MAHOOOOSIVE crack in the sofa bed.What a perfecto example of my unluckiness.Just to further cripple my already squashed back,Chloe-one of the loveliest people you will ever meet-decides to throw herself all over me,oh the joys. To think of it now, it;s rather funny that everyone was asleep and I was awkwardly laid there stressing my brain out.
  After 2 hours of epically failing to fall to sleep, I finally managed to drop off-hallelujah! So yeah, I slept for a while, wow, there is nothing like stating the obvious is there?! Well, yes, I slept, dreamt, the usual things people do when they sleep (I think..) until Holly decides to wake me up.As you can imagine, I was pretty gutted, it only felt like I'd been asleep for 2 seconds! Apparently, she was too warm, so she got out of bed and took a pillow with her. To be honest, I had no idea where she was going,but gladly she left me a pillow. Oh wait, I take that back. She didn't, she took TWO pillows with her. We only had 1 pillow each, so that was my pillow gone. Chloe, being as protective as she is, was literally curled around her pillow.It was almost as if she knew I was attempting to swipe it.
  Oh my Christ on a bike, I was seriously gutted.I was laid on a rock hard sofa bed with no pillow and a bucket load of teenage Afro in my mouth. Yes, that's right, Chloe was wrapped around me like a leech. Unable to move,I tried to wake her up,who was I kidding, there was no way on Earth she was going to wake up.I simply got a elbow in my rib and a slight grunt.So yeah, I lay there bored, staring at the ceiling like a loony, blah blah blah,etc etc.
   Eventually, I dropped off, only to be awoken by Chloe kicking me.I guess it just wasn't my night.I think she was running in her sleep? well, that's what it seemed like. I turned around, to prevent any further damage to my legs, surprisingly, she hurt! Not realising how close I was to the wall, I bumped my head right on the bugger.Jeheeeezzeeee,it hurt.It's not as if I slowly turned either, it was more of a ninja roll.
  I was awoken at about half past ten? Yes, half past ten,by that horrible light that blinds you in a morning, it's worst on a school morning,it's times like that, when your bed becomes your best friend.I officially had worst case crispy eye syndrome and a gigantic "egg" on my head from my ninja roll earlier in the night. I think I could have won a gold medal for 'most grouchy morning person' or something,I was a huge scrooge.
  BUT NOW I'VE LIGHTENED UP, WOOOHOOO.Although, I think it's safe to say I'll be having an early night tonight. Oh, and please excuse the awkward photo I thought it was relevant,also, my camera is broken, so I had to resort to using my absalutely RUBBISH webcam.Huge apologies..